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solar eclipse

The Coming Solar Eclipse, Aug 21,2017:

    The long awaited solar eclipse is a short-lived event (lasting only minutes depending on where you live) that could cause a lifetime of damaged vision.  This link will take you to the “countdown until the eclipse”:



Please, DO NOT attempt to directly view the solar eclipse even with the use of “solar filters” or eclipse glasses. DO NOT attempt to use a camera, cellphone, telescope or binoculars to see this eclipse.  Permanent damage can result from improper use of the glasses.  If these solar lenses do not filter out 100% of the harmful UV rays, if they are not used absolutely properly, or if there is a manufacturer’s defect in them, permanent and irreversible vision loss can occur.  And like sunburn to the skin, the effects are not felt or noticed immediately.


Children are most vulnerable because these glasses often do not fit children...and they are so tempted to peak or look around the glasses. (Keep in mind that normally the sun is so bright that it is very difficult to look at the sun...it hurts. but during an eclipse, it is easier to stare for a bit...and even a short, less than 30 second exposure to partially eclipsed sun, can cause a burn to your retina causing lifetime vision loss.)


So, please take a look at the following link: www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/make-pinhole-projector.html  and use a simple needle and paper to create a pinhole projector.  It is a fun, simple and SAFE project to view the eclipse with NO damage to the eye.  The sun will be at your back; you can view the entire pass of the moon in front of the sun.  (Do Not Peak Through the Pinhole at the Sun)


Make multiple holes, make a design, take a picture of your galaxy and safely share with your friends the fun of the event for years to come...without endangering your vision.


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